Saturday, August 20, 2011

Defraggler, more than meets the eyes..
now, to manage and keep your system running smooth, here's the tricks.

  • After complete installation of defraggler, simply click the start button and search for "defraggler" program.

  • now, don't get panic by the program display, just click the button "analyze" on the lower left corner of the screen.
  • the program will do the tricks and wait for few seconds..

  • realize there several parts of the drive containing fragmented* items,
  • simply click the "defrag" button on the right of the "analyze" button.
  • [note] this will take for a while..worst it could take the whole day, depands on your fragmented volume of your drive.

"the more the red, it's mean the more messy drive you had"..

  • Defraggler is a programs that helps you keep your drive in good shape, faster accessing speed and well-maintained drive volume.
  • defraggler is a program helps you to defragmentation your hardrive.

..and there's a lot features and options you may found in defraggler that you may change for differents result of defragmentation, from moving large files to excluded certain files from defragment.

peace =)

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