Saturday, August 20, 2011

Defraggler, more than meets the eyes..
now, to manage and keep your system running smooth, here's the tricks.

  • After complete installation of defraggler, simply click the start button and search for "defraggler" program.

  • now, don't get panic by the program display, just click the button "analyze" on the lower left corner of the screen.
  • the program will do the tricks and wait for few seconds..

  • realize there several parts of the drive containing fragmented* items,
  • simply click the "defrag" button on the right of the "analyze" button.
  • [note] this will take for a while..worst it could take the whole day, depands on your fragmented volume of your drive.

"the more the red, it's mean the more messy drive you had"..

  • Defraggler is a programs that helps you keep your drive in good shape, faster accessing speed and well-maintained drive volume.
  • defraggler is a program helps you to defragmentation your hardrive.

..and there's a lot features and options you may found in defraggler that you may change for differents result of defragmentation, from moving large files to excluded certain files from defragment.

peace =)

Here's the tricks..

Well, It all get settle here, first you'll need to install both Ccleaner and Defraggler,

  • Simply click at your start button and type the CCleaner on searchbox.
  • Click on the CCleaner programs.

  • when the program is open, click at the "Run Cleaner" on the lower right corner of the screen.

[take note] - you may choose the option on the option tabs near the left of the screen.

...wait until the cleaning is finished.


now, to cleanup the registry inside your PC's, after you've done cleaning, it's proper to cleanup the registry as well.

  • registry is almost the same concept of registration in our real life, technically yes, it's not 100% same as the real life, but the concept is there.
  • fine and clean registry will help boost PC performance without you even realizing it..ehe
  • anyway, Click on the "scan for issues" button, and wait until the completed list registry prolem is listed.
  • once complete, click on the "fixed the selected issues"
  • there will a pop-up options to backup your registry, you may choose to keep them or to remove without back-it-up them.

Of course there is may more option in the ccleaner that's help you to manage your computer, you may discover them and try out for differents results.

peace =)

Cleaning Time~~~

Tired of your PC's getting slow and slow..and..slow..
here's few tips in maintaining your PC's
Try this one out, if you do really want to maintain your PC's in TipTop-Conditions,
cleaning and a little tweaks will help to solve this one out.
here's a basic and powerful tools available in filehippo websites.
In the next post, guidance and manual to use this tools will be include,
Stay Tuned~!

After long way back from matriculation programs...

Hello, and Salam.
I wasn't joking for the first time, seriously, I think I'm begin to take my interest here.
Instead just helping my friends with their PC's, I make them repair and maintain them on their own!

I wish everybody around will help me out by visits here and help themselves in maintaining their PC's..
peace.. =)

Old's Time..